Adam Peterka
From a young age I was interested in how business worked, especially the process of the retail market and the managerial aspects within this field. In addition, in my recreational time I enjoy creating websites, which enhance my drive into business studies. This further inspired me to start publishing my own magazine, which centered around social and environmental issues which today’s modern society is confronted with.
I originally come from the Czech Republic, however my parents and sports career gave me the opportunity to visit more than 20 countries. Experiencing different cultures opened my eyes and allowed me to meet totally different people. During the period I lived in Czech I kayaked for 5 years which helped me develop and mature as a person as it taught me many qualities such as teamwork, clear thinking and mainly to strive and persist in order to achieve my goals. I didn’t have a lot of support or good facilities at the beginning of my career, but as my keen interest grew people started to believe in me and I was given more opportunities. This led me to joining the national kayaking team and attend many international competitions where I met people from all the major 6 continents and made friends for life. I moved to Malta two years ago with the aim of improving my English communication skills. During the summer holidays, I made connections in the local kayaking community and was offered a summer job of a Support Kayak Guide. This introduced me to the quality of leadership, where I had to plan kayaking tours around the area, and through the means of clear communication and organisation, I proved to be successful at the job with the potential of working as a full time kayak guide.
My keen interest in business studies and international news, led me to pick Economics and Marketing as my main areas of study. Shortly after I moved to Malta, I started attending Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School, which is a public sixth form. At first, I chose Matriculation Certificate course; focusing on Economics and Marketing at the A-level standard and German, Spanish, Mathematics, Systems of Knowledge at the Intermediate-level. A year ago, I decided to switch to more internationally focused course called AIO. AIO allowed me to narrow my theoretical objectives and focus on what I like the most - Marketing, Economics and Mathematics. Choosing these subject as my A-level’s has deepened my interests and widened my perspective in business. I am highly enthusiastic in marketing as I enjoy its technical way of thinking and the nature of its complexity. Economics gave me a better understanding of the current news and many international corporations. Topics that I thoroughly enjoyed were the Law of demand and Game theory. Mathematics complemented my economic studies as many economic aspects require calculations and logical thinking in which I believe I’m very competent.
My ambition is to study Business Administration and learn different economic, managerial, social, business and communication scopes. I strive to conclude my university studies with the Master of Human Resources degree. Eventually, when I gain all vital professional knowledge and experience, I aim to set up a personal consultancy agency to provide resources and advice for firms. The goals that I wish to achieve cannot be accomplished without university education, which I thoroughly look forward to.